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Elizabeth Pollard (University of Pennsylvania, 2001) is Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence at San Diego State University, where she has been teaching courses in Roman History, World History, and witchcraft studies since 2002. Pollard is founding Co-Director of the Center for Comics Studies and co-Champion of Comics and Social Justice for the SDSU President’s Big Ideas Initiative (2020-present). Her research investigates women accused of witchcraft in the Roman world and explores the exchange of goods and ideas between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean in the early centuries of the Common Era. Pollard is currently working on two comics-related projects: an analysis of comics about ancient Rome over the last century and a graphic history exploring the influence of classical understandings of witchcraft on their representations in modern comics. Apart from her work on magic and comics, Pollard is co-author of Worlds Together Worlds Apart Concise, WTWA Full 6th edition, and the Worlds Together Worlds Apart, Companion Reader (W.W. Norton).  She has also published on various pedagogical and digital history topics, including writing about witchcraft on wikipedia, tweeting on the backchannel of the large lecture, and digital humanities approaches to visualizing Roman History.


Elizabeth Pollard and Fabrizio Conti, Editors. Nemo Non Metuit: Magic in the Roman World (Trivent Publishing, 2022).

Pollard, Elizabeth with Jeremy Adelman and Robert Tignor, World Together, Worlds Apart Sixth Edition (New York: W.W. Norton, 2021).

Pollard, Elizabeth and Clifford Rosenberg, Worlds Together, Worlds Apart Companion Reader, Third Edition (New York: W.W. Norton, 2019).

Articles and Chapters

Elizabeth Pollard, “Stalking, ‘Erotic’ Spells, and the Exclusus Amator in Ancient Rome” in Nemo Non Metuit: Magic in the Roman World [in Series: Advances in the History of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion, ed. by Elizabeth Pollard and Fabrizio Conti (Budapest: Trivent Publishing, 2022).

Elizabeth A. Pollard and Pamella R. Lach, “Visualizing Time in Ancient Roman History,” Digital Project Handbook 2020, Edited by Beth Fischer and Hannah Jacobs; Available at https://handbook.pubpub.org/; DOI: 10.21428/51bee781.4cf409bd


“Building a Comics and Social Justice Curriculum,”  $149,998 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Co-PI, with Pamela Jackson (SDSU Library)

“Building Capacity for Research and Teaching with Comics,”  $149,305 grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services, Co-PI, with Pamela Jackson (SDSU Library)

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