Seville, Spain

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Experience history up close this Summer 2020 through a faculty-led study abroad program in Europe. Choose from three different locations and historical topics. View the program options below and don’t forget to attend a scheduled informational session. See you in Europe this Summer 2020!

Summer 2020 History Study Abroad Programs

"Journey to Medieval Spain Through Culture and History"

This program has been canceled for Summer 2020.

Medieval Spain produced a unique society in which Muslims, Christians, and Jews intermingled and lived harmoniously. Learn about how modern Spanish culture was shaped through its medieval history. Explore Seville’s art, architecture, music, dance, food, and religious toleration both in the classroom and through weekly excursions.

Course number options (select one): HIST 473/GENS 450/HIST 499 (3 units)
Location: Seville, Spain

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Email: Dr. Farid Mahdavi, [email protected]

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"Scotland Summer in Edinburgh"

This program has been canceled for Summer 2020.

Explore urban history, culture, and sustainability through the analysis of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Edinburgh, Scotland! Participate in dozens of field activities, including three days in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness, and Isle of Skye. Experience the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, John Muir's birthplace, and much more! Housing and classrooms are at the University of Edinburgh, the alma mater of JK Rowling.

Course 1 will focus on urban history and sustainability in Edinburgh over the last five centuries. Through field trips, site visits, expert tours, and other excursions, the course investigates how urban places are produced over time and how residents have balanced (or failed to balance) economic, environmental, and social equity concerns.

Course 2 will explore the history and cultures of the United Kingdom through film and other visual media. The course compares cultures of nation, class, race and post-colonial communities through the analysis of classic British film as well as Edinburgh’s vibrant public culture. With special attention to the history, cultures, and landscapes of Scotland, the course traces these main themes through recent history from the age of the British empire to contemporary globalization. 

Course number options (select two): GENS 450/HIST 581 (3 units) and ANTH 439/HIST 435 (3 units)
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Email: Professor Andrew Wiese, [email protected]

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"Florence Summer Program"

This program has been canceled for Summer 2020.

The Florence Study Abroad Program takes students to the heart of the Renaissance in Florence, Italy. Students will explore the artistic, architectural, and literary achievements of Italy's first civilizations, its rise to glory under Rome, its intriguing medieval history, and its cultural flowering as the center of the Renaissance.

All students will also participate in a survival Italian course consisting of 3 hours per week intended to help better navigate the city and culture.​

Course number options (select two): ANTH 348/HIST 500 (3 units) and GENS 450/HIST 506 (3 units)
Location: Florence, Italy

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Email: Professor Elizabeth Pollard, [email protected] or Professor Brad Kirkegaard, [email protected]

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