Walter Duvall Penrose, Jr.

Walter Penrose

Associate Professor
Office: AL 565
Phone: (619) 594-1102
Email: [email protected]
Curriculum vitae


Ph.D. History, City University of New York, Graduate Center (2006)

B.S. Business Administration, California State University, Long Beach (1988)


Walter Duvall Penrose, Jr. specializes in the History of Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greek, Hellenistic, and South Asian contexts, in addition to the Reception of Classics in later periods.  He is the author of Postcolonial Amazons: Female Masculinity and Courage in Ancient Greek and Sanskrit Literature (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016). Walter’s other publications include numerous journal articles and book chapters in edited collections. Professor Penrose also has research and teaching interests in Disability Studies, the History of Ancient Religions, the Ancient Near East, Greek and Sanskrit Literature, and World History. 


Postcolonial Amazons: Female Masculinity and Courage in Ancient Greek and Sanskrit Literature (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016)

Journal Articles

“The Unwanted Gaze? Feminism and the Reception of the Amazons in Wonder Woman.” Eugesta 9 (2019): 175-224.

“The Discourse of Disability in Ancient Greece.” Classical World 108:4 (2015): 499-523.

“Sappho’s Shifting Fortunes from Antiquity to the Renaissance.” Journal of Lesbian Studies 18:4 (2014): 415-36.

“Hidden in History: Female Homoeroticism and Women of a Third Nature in the South Asian Past.” Journal of the History of Sexuality 10:1 (2001): 3-39.

Book Chapters

“Heroic Hairstyles and Manless Amazons at Troy.” In Screening Love and War in Troy: Fall of a City,” eds. Monica Cyrino and Antony Augoustakis. London: Bloomsbury Press, 2022. 127-39.

“Power and Patronage: Rethinking the Legacy of Artemisia II.” In New Directions in the Study of Women in Antiquity, edited by Ronnie Ancona and Georgia Tsouvala. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021. 59-77.

“Gender Diversity in Classical Greek Thought.” In Exploring Gender Diversity in Antiquity, edited by Allison Surtees and Jennifer Dyer. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020. 29-42.

“Queens and their Children: Dynastic Dis/loyalty in the Hellenistic Period.” In Queens and Dynastic Loyalties, edited by Elizabeth Donnelly Carney and Caroline Dunn. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.  49-66.

“Before Queerness: Visions of a Homoerotic Heaven in Ancient Greco-Italic Paintings.” In Sex in Antiquity: Exploring Sex and Gender in the Ancient World, edited by Mark Masterson, Nancy Rabinowitz, and James Robson. London: Taylor & Francis/Routledge, 2015. 137-156.

“A World Away from Ours: Handling Homophobia in the Classics Classroom.” In From Abortion to Pederasty: Teaching Difficult Subjects in the Classics Classroom, edited by Fiona Hobden and Nancy Rabinowitz. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Press, 2014. 227-247.

“Colliding Cultures: Masculinity and Homoeroticism in Mughal and Early Colonial South Asia.” In Queer Masculinities 1550 to 1800: Siting Same Sex Love in the Early Modern World, ed. Katherine O’Donnell and Michael O’Rourke. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006. 144-165.