Mathew Kuefler

Mathew Kuefler

Office: AL 530
Email: [email protected]


Ph.D. in History, Yale University (1995)

M.Phil. in History, Yale University (1993)

M.A. in Medieval Studies, Yale University (1992)

M.A. in History, University of Alberta (1987)

B.-ès-A., University of Alberta (1982)

Mathew Kuefler is a broadly trained Medievalist with specialties in the Early Middle Ages, the Mediterranean in Late Antiquity, and what would become France and Spain into the Central Middle Ages. His scholarship focuses on gender and sexuality, especially LGBTQIA+ as well as the history of childhood and the family, and gay and lesbian history. He also works on the history of Christianity in the Middle Ages. He is the author of The Manly Eunuch: Masculinity, Gender Ambiguity, and Christian Ideology in Late Antiquity (Chicago, 2001), which was awarded the Margaret Wade Labarge Award by the Canadian Society of Medievalists, and The Making and Unmaking of a Saint: Hagiography and Memory in the Cult of Gerald of Aurillac (Pennsylvania, 2014). He has edited The Boswell Thesis: Essays on Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality (Chicago, 2005), and The History of Sexuality Sourcebook (Broadview, 2006), and he is coediting the forthcoming Cambridge World History of Sexualities. At present, he is working on devotion to Saint Eulalia from late antiquity to the present day with the records of a female monastery in Leon (Spain) in the eleventh century and doing preliminary research on the many same-sex paired saints of the Middle Ages.


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The Manly Eunuch: Masculinity, Gender Ambiguity, and Christian Ideology in Late Antiquity (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001)

Get on Board! The Non-Profit Board Development Workbook: A Working Guide to Better Board Development. (Edmonton: Edmonton Social Planning Council, 1992)

Edited Volumes

The Cambridge World History of Sexualities. Co-edited with Merry Wiesner-Hanks. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

The Global History of Sexuality Sourcebook. 2 vols. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, forthcoming)

The History of Sexuality Sourcebook. (Peterborough, Canada: Broadview Press, 2007)

The Boswell Thesis: Essays on Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006)

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