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Recent M.A. Theses and Exams

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Del Nagro, Peter - Ulysses S. Grant: A Study in Personality and Leadership. (First: Blum, Second: Weeks, Third: Jeff Conte – Psychology)

Dichiera, Stephen - The State Department and the Space Race. (First: Asselin, Second: Putman, Third: Jonathan Graubert – Political Science)

Gardner, Joanna - "Wiser Mothers, Better Babies:" Baby Week, Children's Year, and the American Campaign to Reform Motherhood, 1910 – 1921. (First: Kornfeld, Second: Devos, Third: Susan Cayleff - Women’s Studies)

Jacobs, Shayla - Free Women of Color as Property Owners: The Coloniality of Power and the Liminal Racial Space in Spanish Louisiana, 1776-1811. (First: Devos, Second: Ben, Third: Erika Robb Larkins – Anthropology)

Moreland, Chris - Perception and Reality: Revisiting Richard M. Nixon's Handling of the Vietnam War. (First: Asselin, Second: Putman, Third: Peter Atterton – Philosophy)

Lopez, Michael - A History of Aztec Women and their Agency: Goddesses, Queens, Translators, and Nuns. (First: Devos, Second: Ben, Third: Anh Hua - Women’s Studies)

Vasquez, Alexandria - Manufactured Latinas/os: Perceptions of Latinas/os in U.S Primetime Television from 1950s to 2000s. (First: Putman, Second: Devos, Third: William Nericcio - English and Comparative Literature)


Emery, Devin - Exam Topics: British Empire, World War II (Examiners: Beasley and Frieburg)


Baukol, Matthew - Constructing Identity: Reorganizing the Bethleham Female Seminary (First: Kornfeld, Second: DeVos, Third: Doreen Mattingly - Women's Studies)

Griswold, Stephanie - FLDS Families Facing the Fauxpocalypse: Motherhood and Dependency under One Man Rule from the mid-1970s into the New Millennium (First: Kornfeld, Second: Frieberg, Third: Joanna Brooks - English and Comparative Literature )

Johnson, Eric - Media and Cultural Portrayals of Marginalized Groups in Gold Rush California (First: Kornfeld, Second: Cline, Third: Eric Smigel - Music and Dance)

Jones, Marc - The Quilting of a Frontier Border City: Identity Development and Expression in the Early San Diego Borderlands, 1848-1868 (First: DeVos, Second: Colston, Third: Seth Mallios - Anthropology)

Pucell, Eddie - The Imagined Space Between Us: A Look Motivational Research and its Effects on Advertising and How MR Cultivated Gendered Visions in Postwar America (First: Wiese, Second: Ben, Third: Felipe Quintanilla - Classics and Humanities)


Hollingsworth, David - Exam Topics: modern Latin America and modern U.S. (Examiners: Yeh and Passananti)

Richards, Sean - Exam Topics: Colonial Mexico / Spanish Borderlands and modern Britain and British Empire (Examiners: Beasley and DeVos)


Bennett, Beauregard Brian - "Guttural German": Herbert Marcuse, the Media, and Student Radicalism in San Diego During the 1960s  (Chair: Beasley, Second: Yeh, Third: Richard Gibson)

Lyell, Courtney Marie - Forti Nihil Difficile: How the Victorians Created a New Self-Image Under Revolutionary Conditions (Chair: Beasley, Second: De Vos, and third Quentin Bailey - English and Comp Lit)

Sawh, Matthew Francis - Hip Hop: An Expression of Social Dissent and Political Engagement (Chair: Kornfeld, Second:De Vos, and Michael Roberts)

Alvarado, Christian David - Manufacturing a Gendered Nigeria: Academic Discourse at the University of Ibadan, 1948-1977  (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: Beasley, and William Nericcio - English And Comp Lit)


Casas, Lino III - Exam Topics:  Modern Mexico, Spanish Borderlands (Examiners: De Vos and Colston)

Courtney, James Kelley - Exam Topics:  Early Modern Europe, Modern U.S. (Examiners: De Vos and Putman)

Gagin, Matthew - Exam Topic: Modern U.S. (Examiners: Wiese and Elkind)


Bolthouse, Melissa Anne - History and the True War Story [Electronic Resource]: Reading for Moral Injury in Vietnam Veteran Literatures (Chair: Cobbs, Second: Edgerton-Tarpley, and Third: Joseph Smith - Classics and Humanities)

Boughan, Rachael Elizabeth - The Sly Fox and the Willowy Ghost: Representations of Gender in Qing Supernatural Tales (Chair: Edgerton-Tarpley, Second: Pollard, and Third: Sandra A. Wawrytho - Philosophy)

Boulter, Sherry Lee - Voices That Carry: Women Self-Fashioning as Artists and Bringing a New Discourse to MTV that Foreshadowed Third Wave Feminism (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: Nobiletti, Third: Eric Smigel - School of Music and Dance)

Choate, Stevie Rose - Apocalyptic Visions of a Franciscan Friar: A Study of the Writings and Legacy of Toribio de Benavente (Chair: De Vos, Second:Colston, and Third: Mario Martin Flores – Spanish)

Daniloff, Brittany - Through Innocent Eyes: Childhood and the Japanese-American Incarceration Experience (Chair: Kornfeld, Second:Edgerton-Tarpley, and Third: Veronica Shapovalov - European Studies

Faber, Jackson James - Becoming Friendship Park: The History of Border Field State Park (Chair: Passananti, Second: Ben, and Third: Jill Esbenshade – Sociology)

Frausto, Ramiro Juan - A Dangerous Neutrality: Ronald Reagan, Argentina, and the South Atlantic Crisis (Chair: Passananti, Second:Ben, and Third: David Carruthers - Political Science)

Genshock, Suzanne Christine - The Transmission of Contraceptive Knowledge from Greece and Rome to the Islamic World and Back Again (Chair: Pollard, Second: De Vos, and Third: Ghada Osman - Arabic Studies, Emeritus)

Gonzalez-Meeks, Javier Cuauhtemoc  - Negotiating Bodies In Late Antiquity : Empress Theodora and Al-Khayzuran  (Chair: Pollard, Second: Kuefler, and Third: Ellen Quandahl - Rhetoric and Writing Studies)

Hetherington, Anna Kathleen - The Unluckiest Queen: A Gendered Examination of Anne Boleyn (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: Ferraro, and Third: Doreen Mattingly - Women’s Studies)

Laue, Rachel Willow - The Great Obligation: The Serampore Baptist Missionaries and the Rise of Social Service in Protestant Missions (Chair: Beasley, Second: Edgerton-Tarpley, and Third: Quentin Bailey - English and Comparative Literature)

Hutson, James A - Pragmatic Positivisms: Werner Heisenberg's Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics (Chair: De Vos, Second: Pollard, and Third: Robert Francescotti - Philosophy)

Lehnhoff, Lindsay Leigh - Craft Beer in San Diego: Social Consumption and a New Urban Identity (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: Elkind, and Third: Pascale Jouassart-Marceli – Geography)

Lopez, Mayra - The Magonista Insurrection and the San Diego Free Speech Fight: A Volatile U.S.-Mexican Border Region at the Turn of the 20th Century (Chair: Passananti, Second: Wiese, and Third: Richard Griswold Del Castillo - Chicano and Chicana Studies)

Navalle, Jayme Marie - A Matriarch’s Past: Piecing Together the Story of My Oma’s Journey through Orphanhood and a Post-Colonial Society (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: Edgerton-Tarpley, and Third: Irene Lara - Women’s Studies)

Peale, Jana Alyce - Cops & Criminals: Representations of Masculinity in 1970s Crime Television (Chair: Kornfeld, Pollard, and William Eadie - School of Journalism and Media Studies)

Radic, Andrej - Shattered Dreams: Accounts of Ordinary Citizens and Soldiers during the Dissolution of Yugoslavia and the War in Croatia (Chair: Frieberg, Beasley, and Richard Gibson – Education)

Radojevic, Katrina - Creating Spaces: The Epistolary Movement for Female Autonomy in Late Eighteenth-Century England (Chair: Beasley, Second: Ferraro, and Third: Huma Ahmed-Ghosh - Women’s Studies)

Sawh, Matthew - Hip Hop: An Expression of Social Dissent and Political Engagement (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: De Vos, and Third: Michael Roberts – Sociology)

Stout, Mary Ellen - Captives and their Monsters: U.S. Media Use of Captivity Narratives in the Construction of the Imagined Muslim Monster (Chair: De Vos, Second: Kornfeld, and Third: Veronica Shapolvalov - European Studies)

Tocki, Jasmine Rae - The Girls Who Surf: Women in Surfer Magazine, 1963-1976 (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: Colston, and Third: Michael Roberts – Sociology)


Newby, Brenda Marie (Examiners: Putman and Yeh)

Robles, Giovanni Alexander (Examiners: Ben and Passananti)

Smit, Lauren Lind (Examiners: Pollard and De Vos)  

Valdivia-Rea, Vivian (Examiners: Penrose and Wiese)


Brown, Jeffrey Neal - More Than the Sum of Their Parts: The Origins of the Olympic Class Liners (Chair: Beasley,Second: Cobbs, and Third: Zheng Congcong – Management)

Demonto, Michael - Motives for Roman Imperialism in North Africa, 300 BCE to 100 CE (Chair: Pollard, Second: Cobbs, and Third: Jennifer Starkey - Classics and Humanities)

Martinson, Scott Christopher - There and Back Again : The Creation of the British Blues, and the American Blues Revival (Chair: Beasley, Second: Putman, and Third: Eric Smigel - Music and Dance)

Nostrates, Liseth L - The Traditional and the Unconventional: Boccaccio's Representation of Women in the Decameron (Chair: Kuefler, Second: Ferraro, and Third: Edith Benkov - European Studies)

Vasilakis, Matthew Lewis - Growth Politics in San Diego: Development of Mission Bay and Mission Valley (Chair: Wiese, Second: Elkind, and Third: Brian Adams - Political Science)

Wion, Caitlin Beth -"Nothing Is Impossible To A Determined Woman:" Louisa May Alcott And Nineteenth-Century Gender Roles(Chair: Beasley, Second: De Vos, and Third: Angela Feres - Religious Studies)

Zeiner, Ann Linnea - Grunge Feminism: Performing Gender Paradox in Queered Plays of Hypertextuality (Chair: Kornfeld, Second: De Vos,and Third: Jessica Pressman - English and Comparative Literature)


Buckelew, Sean Everett (Examiners: Putman and Beasley)

Lapins, Michael William (Examiners: Wiese and Putman)

Mcelrath, Andrew Ryan (Examiners: Edgerton-Tarpley and Beasley)

Roberts, Brian Timothy (Examiners: Frieberg and Pollard)

Smith, Everett Eugene III (Examiners: Beasley and Cobbs)

Spoelstra, Eric (Examiners: De Vos and Cobbs)


Gonzalez-Meeks, Moriah Kristin - Nuns, Witches, and Testators: Women's Agency and Spiritual Capital in New Spain (Chair: De Vos, Second: Pollard, and Third: Irene Lara - Women’s Studies)

Kaffenberger, Schorsch Lenwood - Kurt Schumacher and the West German Rearmament Debate 1948-1952: The Rise of U.S. Diplomatic and Media Angst (Chair: Baron, Second: Ferraro, and Third: Kristin Rebien - European Studies)

Pace, Emily - Parallel Lives : Sulpicia and Ban Zhao in a World Historical Context (Chair: Pollard, Second: Edgerton-Tarpley, and Third: Joseph Smith - Classics and Humanities)

Swain, Edward Joaquin - Cicero's Role in the Fall of the Roman Republic (Chair: Pollard, Second:Penrose, and Third: Joseph Smith - Classics and Humanities)


Diaz-Huth, Monet Elizabeth - (Examiners: Yeh and Ben) 

Hoobs, Eric Matthew - (Examiners: Pollard and Beasley)

Huth, Andrew Benjamin - (Examiners: Colston and Putman) 

Monteith, Jonathan Jeffery - (Examiners: Blum and Colston) 

Salomon, David - (Examiners: Colston and De Vos)


Barry, Timothy Scott - Spectacle Subculture Discourse (Chair: Pollard, Second: Kuefler, and Third: Bradley Kirkegaard - Religious Studies)

Borgstrom, Jinna Simone - Conflicting Words:  Rhetoric of the Manchurian Crisis (Chair: Edgerton-Tarpley, Second: Abalahin, and Third: Valerie Pang - School of Education)

Cromwell, Matthew Glen - Religious Patriotism During World War I (1914-1918): A 'Tri-Faith' Perspective (Chair: Blum, Second: Baron, and Third: Rebecca Moore - Religious Studies)

Driskill, Dan - The Urban/Rural Divide in Archaic and Classical Athens Through the Fifth Century BCE: A Diachronic Approach (Chair: Penrose, Second: Pollard, and Third: Joseph Smith - Classics)

Hamilton, Michelle - "I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears": Spiritualism in Lincoln's White House (Chair: Blum, Second: Weeks, and Third: Susan Cayleff - Women’s Studies)

Huitzacua, Shangching Cheng - Licit and Illicit Sexuality in Medieval Iberia:  A Survey of Las Siete Partidas (Chair: Kuefler, Second: Campbell, and Third: Ghada Osman - Linguistics)

Kakish, Daniel - The Invention of the Transjordanian-Syrian Border: 1915-1932 (Chair: Baron, Second: Mahdavi, and Third: Farid Abdul Nour - Political Science)

Mcginn, Matthew - Rommel, You Magnificent Bastard: The Desert Fox and the Rehabilitation of Germany in Postwar Media (Chair: Beasley, Second: Baron, and Third: Mary Wauchope - European Studies)


Eng, Jonathan Tanchun (Examiners: Blum and Edgerton-Tarpley) 

Evans, Tyler William (Examiners: Edgerton-Tarpley and Ben)

Juarez, Brittany Liann (Examiners: Elkind and Baron) 

Kiser, Stacy J. (Examiners: Pollard and Blum) 

Mauldin, Jeremiah Jackson (Examiners: Pollard and Penrose)


Djordjevski, Josef Meyer - Nationalism in Practice:  Assimilation, Expulsion, and Extermination in the Balkans, 1913-1945 (Chair: Beasley, Second: Baron, and Third: Mary Wauchope -European Studies)

Garrison, Steven Blair - Cambodian Americans:  A Study in Struggle (Chair: Abalahin, Second: De Vos, and Third: William Nericcio - English and Comparative Literature)

Higdon, Nolan Ray - The Politics of Desertion (Chair: Passananti, Second: Colston, and Third: Richard Griswold Del Castillo  - Chicana and Chicano Studies)

Martin, Mekila Del Re - Mass Media Interpretations of a Transgendered Body: Christine Jorgensen, American Celebrity and Postwar Anxiety (Chair: Putman, Second: Kuefler, and Third: Esther Rothblum - Women’s Studies)

Reimer, Tanya Melea  - Ladies, Concubines, and Pseudo-Wives:  Mistresses in the Courtly Culture of the Emilia-Romagna of Renaissance Italy (Chair: Ferraro, Second: Kuefler and Third: Edith Benkov - European Studies)

Stam, Galit Goltzer - Exodus (1960): A Movie with a Message…They Listened! (Chair: Baron, Second: Beasley, and Third: June Cummins-Lewis - English and Comparative Lit)

Thornton, George Iszac  Lomaland: Local Media Portrayals of the Occult (Chair: Putman, Second: Blum, and Third: Rebecca Moore - Religious Studies)

Wingerd, Ryan Joseph - Jewish-American Responses to Nuclear Weapons in the Early Cold War Period (Chair: Baron and Second: Blum, and Third: Jonathan Grauber - Political Science)

Young, Sarah Elizabeth Schrell - Motherhood in China:  A Study from Late Imperial China to the People’s Republic of China (Chair: Edgerton-Tarpley, Second: Yeh, and Third: Anh Huan - Women’s Studies)


Allen, Christopher Thomas - (Examiners: Wiese and Cobbs) 

Asbury, Jenna Lee - (Examiners: Baron and De Vos)

Class, John Thomas  - (Examiners: Beasley and Blum) 

Cortez, Paul Albert - (Examiners: Penrose and Campbell)

Dailey, Allison M- (Examiners: Baron and De Vos)

Forbes, Ryan Michael - (Examiners: Blum and Kornfeld)

Gutierrez, Daniel - (Examiners: Ferraro and Baron)
Hammel, Kyle Devlin - (Examiners: Penrose and Pollard)

Kowalczyk, David Joseph - (Examiners: Baron and Passananti)

Winick, Byron Joseph - (Examiners: Blum and Kornfeld)

Zoboblish, Charles James - (Examiners: Yeh and Baron)


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