Painting: Set Perimeter in Iraq by Darrold Peters

Center for War and Society


Provide a nationally recognized academic and professional forum for SDSU faculty and students, Southern California community leaders, and national policymakers to engage with vital historical questions on war as a human phenomenon.

SDSU Center for War and Society established 2020


Given the centrality of armed violence to international relations, we aim to become a national resource for studying the causes, conduct, and costs of war from a historical perspective thus enabling critical public policymaking and informed citizenship.

The Center for War and Society examines broad conceptual, historical, and policy issues relating to three main areas of exploration:

  1. How societies go to war, experience and are shaped by war, and cope with war’s consequences.
  2. How war has shaped societies´ national security, domestic, and foreign policies.
  3. How societies remember and consider war through history, myth, and memory.

Links and Resources

SDSU’s Center for War and Society is proud to partner with the following organizations at SDSU and in the community:

A campus resource for the support of military, military veterans, military spouses, and dependent children in the areas of higher education in outreach/admission, GI Bill benefits, academic success, graduation, and a career.

The USS Midway was the longest-serving aircraft carrier in the 20th century.  Their mission is to preserve the historic USS Midway and the legacy of those who serve; inspire and educate future generations; and entertain our museum guests.

Housed in SDSU Library Special Collections, these letters were a "news service experiment" by professor of geography, Dr. Post, intended to provide information about the locations of current and former Aztecs dispersed around the world.


Ways to Give

SDSU’s Center for War and Society has numerous ways for interested alumni, community members and other stakeholders to help expand academic opportunities related to military history. Priorities include support for student scholarships and fellowships, lectures and events that feature military history experts, faculty research and development, and other programming.

Please contact Keely Bamberg, Sr. Director of Development, at [email protected] or (619) 594-1562 for more information.


Top image credit: Set Perimeter in Iraq, Darrold Peters. Courtesy of the US Army Museum Enterprise art collection.